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Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia
About Us

JAGP (The Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia) is a non-profit organization serving the Japanese community in the Greater Philadelphia region since 1964.

Our mission is:

- to promote friendship among Japanese residing in the region.

- to provide information and counseling to Japanese newcomers to the region.

- to support and help Japanese students studying in the region.

- to provide continued care to the aged Japanese living alone in the region.

- to hold programs and activities for the purpose of promoting the understanding of Japanese culture as well as American culture.

- to promote exchange between Japanese and American residents through cultural and educational programs.

- to provide support to the visiting consular service by Consulate-General of Japan from New York.

2018 The Board of Directors

Takako Suzuki, Ph.D, President  

Patrick Dailey, Vice, President                                    

Yuichi Ozawa, Ph.D, Director 

A. Hirotoshi Nishikawa, Ph.D, Director    


President Emeritus (Non-voting position)

Tomoko Torii