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Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia

Sing with us!
Join the JAGP Chorus Group "You n I"

 We primarily sing a cross-section of music from very old Japanese folk songs to contemporary songs.  One of the common threads that weave through these songs is that they are deeply rooted in the ethos of Japanese culture. As in most cultures of the world, the Japanese culture is characterized as multiple layers of feelings, and we pursue the beauty of simplicity in these multiple feelings.


Also we sing a few foreign songs which were adopted from foreign lands and have been loved by Japanese people, young and old, as if they originated in Japan.


The venue for the groups’ singing is various places and times such as senior citizen’s centers, churches, international festivals, foreign language schools and others.


If you would like to join our group, please contact us at jchorusgroup@gmail.com.

The Philadelphia Study Group (Benkyo-kai) 

What kind of group are we?

Our group is oriented towards Japanese or Japanese-speaking academics and scholars in the Philadelphia area.

What do we do?

Once a month, we get together on a Friday, and after a 1-2 hour presentation, we go to a local restaurant to eat and talk. Members take turns making presentations; many presentations are from those giving the results of their research before returning to Japan. Recent presentations have been in the field liberal-arts research and our focus has become much more cross-disciplinary. The group is also a good resource for networking and learning about life and events in the Philadelphia area (such as moving sales).

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee. At the moment, presentation attendance is free. The cost of the restaurant is split evenly between attendees, so if you wish to attend you should expect to pay in the range of $20-40.

Are there any guidelines for membership?

You should live in the Philadelphia area. All are welcome regardless of profession or nationality, or whether your background is more liberal arts or technically-oriented. Please note that the seminars are conducted entirely in Japanese and often use highly technical language, so if you are not a native speaker you will need a high degree of fluency in order to follow along.

How do I participate?

We have created a Facebook Group (Philadelphia Japanese Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/388025777901900/) through which you can contact us if you join. You will be able to see future events as well as previous contributions once your membership request is granted.

Lastly, please come if you have interest!